How to find the perfect yoga pants

Yoga may be a practice with a spiritual basis, but the major concerns that most yoga (at least female practitioners) have when choosing yoga pants are as follows. Are they comfortable and flattery? Do I stretch / bag out after practicing in them? What kind of rise is too high / too low? What will they do if I sweat among these? (Who is not suffering from a terrible crotch face)?

For a visible yogi there are a few things to consider when finding that perfect pants:

1. Color – That is, dark colors like black, brown, dark blue are easier to wear than other colors and are more attractive. Gray Ma (Old Jim · Shirt’s athletic sports · gray) is cute, but there is a danger that some college students will see it. Plus It really shows sweat. White is a wonderful shade that pulls out for Kundalini’s yoga practitioner. Pair of white pants form fittings need the best confidence and if you feel that you have the feet to do it, go for it!

2. Fabric – Trick is to feel good weight, without feeling wearing a weight suit, to find good thigh / butt / waist support factors. This is especially important if you are wearing a brighter color because of “sticky” factors. Look for a cloth that is ideally a natural fiber so that the body can breathe when trying a challenging exercise. Cotton / Lycra Mix is ​​ideal. Organic cotton is even better. What you can throw into a washing machine is essential. Most pants for active wearing must also be fast in color.

3. Cut – This is important to find the perfect pants. The most attractive length among various body types is a boot leg with a slight flare on the ankle. They show your legs long and their waist is proportional. The wide waistband is also important to avoid bending forward and being cut in half. Most people feel the most when the waistband is about 1 inch above the hips. Another problem of yoga pants is the horrible ‘camel toe’ overlooking the crotch. Please make sure your pant’s thighs are not too tight, so that your rise is not too low, avoid this. Interesting details like pseudo-flight helps to minimize this.

All of the above information applies to short pants like Caprice, but boots cut is the most beautiful cut as mentioned above.

Do not forget to take good care of them when you find those perfect pants! When washing your pants, please do not use bleach or excessive hot water. This causes excessive wear. If you find those pants, treat them like your best friend – be careful!

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